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Are him and i destined to be?

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Are him and i destined to be?

Postby mahima_9704 » 13 Feb 2018 13:46

My details
Dob- 2nd october 1997
Tob- 00:31 (am)
Pob- New delhi, india

His details
Dob- 2nd june 1993
Tob- 00:02 (am)
Pob- trichur, kerala,india

Can you please look into the charts nd let me know are we both having any future together? Will he marry me? Are we destined to be?

Are him and i destined to be?

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Re: Are him and i destined to be?

Postby vaishnavi28 » 16 Feb 2018 08:56

Hello Mahima,
To know your complete Horoscope and to know whether you can get Married to him or not by checking this Website http://spiritualsadhana.com/question/be ... ad-needed/ and you can know the complete life of yoursin this website.

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