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Matters of benefic friendships and mentors

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Matters of benefic friendships and mentors

Postby computerscholar » 01 Sep 2018 21:13

ate of birth : 17-May-1989
Place : Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh) India
Gender : Male
Time : 16:02 hrs

I have always felt a lack of not being able to get appropriate friendships and mentors for any kind of fulfilment, be it matters of studies, research, passions, career etc. It has been a journey of aloneness, and what I have always got was opposite --> Manipulation, competition, exclusion, avoidance from peers and mentors. Even I have faced teachers and mentors that envied and ignored me and looked for opportunities to insult me and put me down.

I feel extremely directionless and painfully alone, devoid of healthy friendships/mentors resulting in stagnation and no expansion in any sphere : career, learning, knowledge etc. and rather there is toxicity in form of Manipulation, competition, exclusion, avoidance, overwhelmingly challenging environments/situations and hence I have to refrain from these people to prevent more damage. I won't call myself as an introvert, but I am selectively sociable with people whom i feel aligned to.

I'd like to ask that why is there lack of healthy mutually-beneficial friendships and mentors in my life ? Also, how to rise above the phenomena of toxic people around and manifest in life wise , knowledgeable and helpful nurturing mentors and also healthy and congenial friendships.

Guidance on handling emotional sensitivity, which is worst afflicted when in contact with toxic people, would also be appreciated.

Thank you

Matters of benefic friendships and mentors

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