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Medical Astrology Discussions Forum

Forum for Discussions about principles of Medical Astrology. Effect of Planets, Signs, Conjunctions, aspects on Human Body, Mind and diseases.
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Medical Astrology Discussions Forum

Postby astrologeracharya4 » 07 Mar 2018 06:38

There are large number of astrologers and Vastu experts. It is impossible to point out the best one. There are frauds also claiming to be experts. As there are quacks in medical profession or in any profession such quacks are in this field also.

There are astrologers prefixing Dr in their names without having such degree. There are sons working and earning in the name of famous fathers.

There are rapists claiming to be God so remain alert.

Discuss with friends and relatives or even property dealers, Try at one or two places before hiring for higher fees . It should be known that vastu experts charge accorting to estimates of your building to be constucted . . . . If you want to consult for buildings you are already residing in ,then simple fee as per status and experince will be charged.


Medical Astrology Discussions Forum

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