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Guidelines for Asking A Question

Forum to get free Numerology readings and discussions about your numbers.
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Guidelines for Asking A Question

Postby Atul » 21 Jun 2010 15:24

Respected members,

For your safety and convenience and for getting quick response from Astrologers.

1) Please post your question in following format

a) Date of Birth eg 3 November 1989 (Use name of the month instead of number)
b) Time of Birth eg 12:24 am (aslo specify whether it is 12 hour or 24 hour format)
c) Your Popular name
d) Place of Birth
e) Your query in brief
f) Source of time of birth and probability of error (Accurate time = Accurate predicitons, Wrong time = wrong predictions)
g) Some important events from your life like date of marriage, jobloss, new job etc. This informations helps in rectifying the time
h) Any previous history of remedies you followed or following

* Create your own new topic instead of posting your questions in other person's topics.
* Also Avoid repeating similar questions in many threads. This just adds clutter to the forum and decreases your chances of getting a reply.
* Be specific in asking your query. try to ask one question at a time. Asking too many questions just adds to confusion and astrologer may not be able to find what you want to ask specifically.

2) Do not specify your real name, address, contact numbers and other vital information in public untill you are 100% sure that it is completely safe to post the information

3)Do not use confusing, abusive, offensive wordings

4) Do not disclose your vital information in public like your password, personal email, Account Numbers, id etc

5) Numerologists here are either amateurs or Professional astrologers. All the Numerologists here are providing their services free of cost in this forum, both via posts and private messages. No fee should be demanded untill and unless advice is sought and given in this forum only.

6) Numerologists here are not bound to answer your query. Answering or not depend on the will and wish of the Astrologers. They can not be forced to answer your queries under any circumstances

7) We reserve right to delete any thread or post which we find is offensive in any matter or can harm culture and dignity of the forum. We can and will delete any such post without stating any reason or without prior warning or

We advice you to follow these guidelines for your own safety. Any employee, moderator, administrator can not be help responsible for misuse of any type of information you had posted in the forum. You will be responsible for all the information you have posted.

If you find any of the member is abusing the forum or is misusing the forum to misguide the seekers you should contact the Administrator or Moderator immediately. Appropriate action will be taken against the culprit.

For more details and information on safety contact Administrator of the forum

Kind Regards,
Astrology Tree Forum
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Guidelines for Asking A Question

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Sponsors of Astrology Forum

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Re: Guidelines for Asking A Question

Postby Seema » 13 Mar 2014 04:45

hello atulji.

thanks fr pointing this out, though solely my views are that listing proper queries and pointers not neccessarily wud give a satisfactory ( nt in terms of prediction bt answr/ reply to most queries) feedback, which in turn makes the person followup.

just a feedbak as a forum member.


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Re: Guidelines for Asking A Question

Postby naVv » 30 Aug 2014 07:17

Sir, i dnt know my birth time. can i still know my horoscope and get right answers of my question ?

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Re: Guidelines for Asking A Question

Postby freekundli » 26 Aug 2016 07:44

Hello Atul,
Thanks for sharing Guidelines for asking question astrologytreeforum. But i have seen lot of users are spamming here in this community, spam posts like this.
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