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Numerology is more than Just Entertainment by Troy Powers

Forum for discussions about Numerology, Numbers and their relation with Signs, planets etc. Learn new things in Numerology. Please do not leave Readings requests here.
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Numerology is more than Just Entertainment by Troy Powers

Postby Atul » 21 Jun 2010 15:32

Numerology has become ever so popular. More and more people are talking about numerology. Do you know the basics of Numerology?
Symbolism is very important, whether it be a logo, mascot or a number it seems to matter to most people. Ask a professional ball player and most will tell you that they have a particular number that want on their jersey. There have even been cases where a player has been traded and part of the trade guarantees the player get to keep his number.
The belief that certain numbers bring good luck or make things possible is evident everywhere you look. How many buildings do you know have a thirteenth floor? The number seven is everywhere and usually represents something positive. What about sale prices? They almost always end in 99 not 00 such 5.99 instead of 6.00. Are we as consumers so stupid that 1 penny difference makes us buy that product?
Prime Numbers are important in numerology. The number 11 is one such important number. Take a moment and think of all the place and events where the number 11 was involved. I am not going to g into this one; you will have to think about it for awhile.
Just how much can a number tell about you? Well apparently quite a bit. There are many out there that after receiving numerology reading of themselves and apply the suggested changes to their have begun to experience many great things. You see once you get a numerology reading you need to make the necessary changes to your life in order to experience any positive effects from numerology.
Some people think that numerology is like a fortune teller. Numerology will not make predictions about your future but will guide you to make positive changes to your life. You may not be happy with your job and not understand why. The pay and type of work are very favorable but you're not happy with it. But analyzing your life path number you can then learn that you are perform a job that is opposite of what you are really geared for. Numerology helps you find what is tight for you.
In conclusion, numerology is more than just fun and games for many who follow it. Numerology gives a person an inside look of themselves that they may have never seen. Numerology is not hard to learn or follow. You can easily figure you personal numerology numbers yourself. You can also do some of the more simple interpretations of your personal number yourself. In order to get a full and complete reading you should take advantage of one of the many free numerology report that are offered. Once you review your free reading you will see how numerology is more than just plain entertainment.
About the Author
Troy Powers is a follower on numerology. He recommends that anyone interested in numerology to get a free numerology report as it helps in learning numerology.

Keep wanting a thing and one day you will achieve it. Stop wanting everything and one day you will achieve Him.

Numerology is more than Just Entertainment by Troy Powers

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Re: Numerology is more than Just Entertainment by Troy Powers

Postby Mygemstone » 28 Feb 2017 11:27


I read your query and we can help you.
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Thank You.

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Re: Numerology is more than Just Entertainment by Troy Powers

Postby omshakthiastrologers » 13 Oct 2017 06:05

thank you for the above information

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Re: Numerology is more than Just Entertainment by Troy Powers

Postby vaishnavi28 » 16 Feb 2018 09:23

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