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Allergies: Reasons, Types and Tips, Treatments

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Allergies: Reasons, Types and Tips, Treatments

Postby Advertisements » 05 Dec 2009 04:59

What causes allergies?

Here are a few common causes of allergies:

Pollen: Pollen may cause hay fever and other seasonal allergies. It results in symptoms like, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, watery, itchy eyes etc. If you want to prevent these symptoms, you must stay indoors when it’s windy, as that’s the time when the pollen count is at its peak.

Dust Mites: They are microscopic creatures found in dust particles. The symptoms caused by this allergen resemble that of pollen allergy. The most prominent difference between the two is that unlike pollen dust mites can cause allergic symptoms throughout the year. Prevention can be done by using dust mite covers on pillows..

More details and Allergy tips and Treatment are available on http://www.allergiessufferers.com/

Allergy Sufferers

Allergies: Reasons, Types and Tips, Treatments

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