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Rules and Regulations of the forum

Rules and Regulations to be followed by the all the forum members without exceptions
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Rules and Regulations of the forum

Postby Atul » 20 Nov 2009 11:57

Following Rules and regulations are to be followed by everyone using this forum without any exception. These is necessary to maintain decorum and dignity of the forum. Account of anyone violating these terms will be suspended and email id and IP address will be banned.

1) Do not use abusive/harsh language.

2) Every member of the forum should be given due respect, no matter new or old, senior or junior.

3) Do not use the forum for promoting your services or products which are offensive and not suitable for the people. If you want to promote any product, please contact the administrator for prior approval.

4) Do not post links for the sites which are offensive and not suitable. Any such post will be deleted without prior notice.
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Rules and Regulations of the forum

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Sponsors of Astrology Forum

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